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Adventures of Anindya Mukherjee


This site has pictures and a few articles by Anindya Mukherjee 'Raja'- a mountaineer, explorer, trek leader, expedition outfitter based at Indian Himalaya. Raja lives near Calcutta, but spends most of his time over the Indian Himalayan ranges, hiking or climbing. He is also a freelance adventure travel writer and the first country rep for the International Porter Protection Group in India. He is currently working hard to start a porter shelter and rescue post up and running in Bhujbas, in Gangotri, Garwal Himalaya.
Anindya 'Raja' is available for talks, and presentations and slide shows on his climbs and adventures.

Link to Bhujbas Porter Shelter Project Website


Anindya, relaxing on the North face of Mt. Jopuno,West Sikkim, after a long day of rope fixing.

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