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Bhujbas Shelter & Medical Post

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Bhujbas Shelter project
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Views & News

This page will act as a notice board for the project. We will have news, views, suggestions, advise, comments from friends of the Bhujbas Project in this space. If you have something to say or share please email us.

“…This is a venture which is first of its kind in the Indian Himalaya with a sole motive to protect the porters with free accommodation and first aid facilities. This is a long cherished project of Anindya, a Himalayan climber of decent ability. His incessant strutting around the shelter premises indicates a man who has just hit the bull’s eye after several attempts. Rabin Banerjee (54), having enormous experience in Himalayan travel and porter related issues and management for more than three decades, is in charge of the centre in Bhujbas. The centre is equipped with tent accommodation of around 15 porters with proper high altitude sleeping materials for a night. Looking around, I have a gut feeling that the project is bound to last. The initial response to this project is quite encouraging. However, after a week’s minute observation, I feel that the porters who are hard put to manage food in the vicinity should be provided at least with a meal for their night stay. And hence, an additional fund for the purpose need be procured and source found.”


Banabhushan Nayak

19 September, 2007






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