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Bhujbas Shelter & Medical Post

Charity Treks for Bhujbas Porter Shelter & Medical Post
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Trek along ancient Dzongu to Tholung Monastery in North Sikkim

View of Tholung Gompa

Talung valley in North Sikkim is the home of the ethnic Lepcha people of Sikkim and is now a protected area. The Lepcha live in small villages amongst the dense forested slopes high above the Talung valley. The Tholung monastery houses many relics and antiques collected from other monasteries for safe keeping. Many of these relics are displayed on a special day every three years. The trek up this beautifully forested valley leads to the higher alpine valleys where yaks graze below the snow capped mountains of the Siniolchu and Lama Angden range. This trek will have active participation of Anindya Mukherjee ‘Raja’. The group will also have Himalayan veteran Robin Banerjee in a key role. Profits generated from this trek will aid the Bhujbas Porter Shelter Project. The programme coordinator is Sankar.


Date of departure from Kolkata: Jan 25, 2008 & March 14, 2008
Trek Grading:
Easy to Moderate.

Location: Dzongu, North Sikkim
Maximum Altitude:

Cost:  per person Rs 7500/


Note: Profits generated from this trek will go to fund the Bhujbas Porter Shelter Project. 


For further info and to book your seats now please call any of the following persons:

  • Raja - 092305 11139/ 094320 51488
  • Robin  – 094334 28063,   Sankar- 098310 99595

Or email:

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